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winding road biographic stories

Welcome to Tobecontin, the little place on the web that sets out to bring our lived stories into life. In a world with exponential increases in change and increasingly chooses to make less and less sense. Many more are no longer living the traditional paths to life. Instead, these people are increasingly living mysterious, magical, or even tragic biographic stories.

These alternative paths enforced by nature and a god, to live out our stories to the best that we can do. And it is here we want to record those lived, spiritual, mythological, technological or even (what appears to most as crazy) filled with personal battle biographic stories!

Recent Posts
cycle courier biographic stories

London Courier – the Good the Bad

A story about my time as a London dispatch rider. One of the most difficult periods of my life but also one of the most adventurous, fun and beautiful. Forever I will be grateful.

running man biographic stories

Run with Bulls

A story about a journey towards the Espagnol tradition and insane reasons why anyone would choose on running with the bulls of Pampalona.

big ben biographic stories

London Builder – the Good the Bad

A story about a journey towards coming to be a builder. A destiny job that I’ve always felt was born to do but a job where dreams begin to shatter.


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